What Makes a Great Coffee Shop?

What Makes a Great Coffee Shop?

Coffee culture, coffee shops and just the general consumption of coffee has grown by leaps and bounds in the past twenty years.  But what makes a great coffeeshop?  What makes customers come back day after day for their favorite drink when they have so many choices.  How does the small coffee shop manage to hold their own up against the big coffee chains? Here are some of the things that go into making a great coffee shop. 

The Coffee

This one is kind of obvious but a coffee shop needs to start with some pretty great coffee.  That is just the beginning, today’s consumers want some choices when it comes to their coffee, everything from a small cup of hot black coffee to fancy teas.  You are going to need a decent variety of drinks to please your patrons, fortunately for coffee shop owners that’s not as hard as it used to be.  Having consistently good coffee will go along way to making a coffee shop one where people keep coming back. 

The Staff

Your staff is everything, if they make the customers feel warm and welcome and know what they drink it can make a huge difference in repeat business.  Getting the right staff, with a genuine love of coffee can make the place somewhere customers want to come to regularly, which leads into the next thing a great coffee shop needs. 

The Atmosphere

If you ever wondered how Starbucks was able to take the market share away from Dunkin Donuts, they did it by creating a completely different atmosphere.  They took essentially a fast food business and turned it into something completely different that people wanted to go to.  A good coffee shop can take the positive elements like a cosy atmosphere, comfortable conversation areas and throw in some eclectic décor and you have a place that people want to be.  It feels like being in your own living room and you can hang out with friends. 

Background Music

The right music makes everything better.  It can lift your mood, boost your energy or it can relax you.  Music is a huge factor in the vibe of a coffee shop at the same time it needs to be consistent with the atmosphere you are creating and the customers youserve.  Are the customers working on laptops, sitting at tables chatting with friends or are the grabbing a coffee and heading off to work.  If you want to create a place where people stay then some smooth jazz or acoustic music, oryou can even play something different as long as it is mellow and you keep it consistent.  Do not under any circumstances resort to playing Muzak, nobody likes that. 

A great coffee shop is a culmination of factors, but putting the customer first will take you a long way.

How to Brew Coffee Like a Barista

How to Brew Coffee Like a Barista

There is nothing better than that first cup of coffee in the morning.  There are dozens of different ways to make a good cup of coffee, everything from a French press to slapping a pod into a Keurig but having a barista make it for you is the best.  You can master the art of making the perfect cup  of coffee and learn how to brew coffee like a barista. 

Grind Your Own Beans

Coffee that you buy already ground has been sitting around a warehouse for months and coffee can turn surprisingly quickly.  If you want the freshest beans then your best bet is to buy them from a specialty coffee shop that roasts themonsite.  You can take them home and grind them yourself for the freshest flavor.  Hereis how to grind your own coffee beans.

Use Filtered Water

The water you use to brew coffee matters more than you think.  Hard water, which is filled with minerals, makes for some very weak coffee.  Hard water also causes build up on your machine, lightly filtered water will make the best cup of joe.  Your water also needs to be at the perfect temperature which is somewhere between 190F and 220F.

Try Some Cold Brewed Coffee

Cold brewed is awesome for making iced coffee but most people don’t realize that you can make a hot cup with it too.  Cold brewing takes out the acids that you can get in a cup of coffee and it is a completely different flavor.  You can buy cold brewed coffee or make your own at home with a mason jar. Simply put coffee in the mason jar, add cold water and leave it in the fridge for a day.  To make hot cold brewed coffee simply add cold brew to a cup, filling it halfway and fill the rest with boiling water and you will have a perfect cup of coffee. 

Learn to Decorate Your Own Lattes

This is one of the reasons that people love coffee made from a barista, but with practice you can pull off those cool decorations yourself.  Yes, baristas do make it look simple but with practice so will you.  You need to make the milk good and frothy, pour it into your cup at an angle and then grab a toothpick and make some swirls. 

Try Some Different Flavors

There are lots of different flavorings that you can add to your coffee to create a unique taste.  Some of the more common ones are cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg.  You can buy different flavored creams even pumpkin spice. 

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